Consigli per la vita in barca a vela

(Italiano) Scopri con noi la giornata tipo in barca, cosa si fa normalmente a bordo.

Come prepararsi?


Prima di partire per un viaggio in barca a vela lasciate che vi dica un po’ come si svolge la vita a bordo (e alcuni consigli per godersela al massimo):


Some days you wake up at the mooring in the port and spend the morning doing the boat’s needs: shopping, supplies or visiting the characteristic village where you are moored. Other times you get up in the harbor and the bathroom is beautiful with the early morning light.

Generally you have lunch on board, at anchor or while sailing; everyone makes a contribution, in turn someone cooks, someone sets, someone washes and regains. We often sail and move in the afternoon, when the wind rises to reach the new destination.

You can dine on the boat, perhaps by candlelight, or on the ground, in the taverns of the characteristic marinas. After dinner we find ourselves in the cockpit and with our traveling companions we laugh and joke, we tell each other, sipping a glass of wine, rum or the local ouzo in joy. You can enjoy the silence of the bays and rediscover that the sky is full of stars!

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The sailing holiday is a holiday for everyone, you don’t need a previous experience and you don’t have to be an athlete. Instead, you need to bring happiness, love for the sea, a pinch of spirit of adaptation, the common rules of good education and respect for others.
The relaxed style of the holiday, the charm of this cobalt blue sea and the wonder of the places will do the rest. The boat is equipped with an excellent reserve of fresh water, a great autonomy in motor movements and a large capacity of the battery bank: you can take a shower every day, serenely recharge phones and cameras or use the hairdryer … without having a constant obsession with supplies. I host few people who want to be comfortable and relax, but remember that we are still at sea !! Spaces, water and electricity must be considered scarce resources to be used sparingly.

All on-board equipment is sophisticated and expensive, the boat also has wooden interiors and a complicated rigging: Guests are kindly asked to treat the property with care and respect, so we will definitely get along!

Usually I host groups of friends, families or couples, but I can also organize individual boarding. For all the details, some tips and some suggestions on how to better organize the logistics or how to reach the area, contact me without obligation, any explanation on the phone will be easier.



The Commander is practically autonomous in the conduct of the boat, even alone. However, for mooring in several bays that it would be a shame to get lost, it is necessary to bring a rope to the ground: in this case the collaboration of the crew is essential, with a volunteer who goes to the ground for swimming or on board the rubber dinghy to prepare mooring around a tree or on a rock: prohibited in Italy, well this is the classic Greek mooring !! For the rest, guests can choose whether to participate in the maneuvers (under the instructions of the Captain) and have fun steering the boat and familiarizing themselves with the sails or whether to relax quietly on the deck reading a book or sunbathing.



That of making galley and cooking is the exclusive task of the Guests, respecting everyone’s tastes and needs, favoring fresh local products, starting from what the sea possibly gives us. The day on the boat always puts a great hunger – from breakfast to dinner it’s all a succession of snacks – and the aperitif to be enjoyed at sunset in some enchanting bay is an inevitable classic.
Meat and fish are delicious and cheap in Greece, perfect for a beach barbecue, vegetables and fruit have an incredible aroma and taste. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the cold cuts, perfect for snacks, nor of the wine, rarely good and in any case expensive. They will therefore be welcome if you want and have a way to bring them from home! Finally, in the galley, the Skipper, whose meals on board are at the expense and care of the Guests, must always be considered.

 Non resta altro che darvi il benvenuto a bordo del nostro Yacht a Vela e augurarvi una felice navigazione nel romantico e affascinante mondo della vela. Nel Grande Blu!