Sailing Holidays in Greece

Vacanze in Barca a Vela

Sailing Holidays

in Ionian Greece


Vacanze in Barca a Vela Grecia


Vacanze Barca Vela Grecia Ionica


Sailing Holidays in Greece

L'Incanto del Mare

Dispelling a myth: the holiday in sailing boat is an expensive option, is not just for sea dogs and is no more, for a long time, a “posh holiday.” On the contrary: a sailing cruise is primarily a holiday of simplicity and freedom. At sea time magically expand, we forget the clock and finds harmony with nature. It is to rest, to get away from the hustle and bustle, with the rhythms and the duties of life in the city. A holiday immersed in the blue, in the sun and in the wind, a cheap and original solution for the summer. They serve only joy, a little ‘spirit of adaptation and love for the sea. A vacation that you will remember for a lifetime, and that many will want to try again.


Enjoy the privilege of a holiday in Charters is the best way, the most intense, the most romantic, to explore and discover the islands and seaside resorts. Under a large sun, carried by the wind, from port to port, the bay in the cove, we will discover the islands, the sleepy villages and beautiful bays in Greece. Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaka and the smaller islands: without navigation difficult, solcheremo the seas were the Kingdom of Ulysses, with its beautiful islands, bays and the relaxed picturesque villages.

Itineraries for Summer Season 2024 Ionians, Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands

Itineraries for Summer Season 2024 Ionians, Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands


Imbarchi Charter isole Ionie, Cicladi e Dodecaneso



Imbarchi e sbarchi:

– Date ed itinerari possono essere adattati e concordati, specialmente per chi prenota con largo anticipo

– L’imbarco avviene dalle 17:00 del giorno di arrivo, lo sbarco la mattina entro le 09:00


ITINERARies cruises 2024 – individual prices / entire boat

Imbarco Sbarco Disponibilità Prezzi Itinerario indicativo
27 Aprile, Corfù 04 Maggio, Corfù barca intera 480,00 – 2.400,00 Corfù nella Pasqua Ortodossa, Paxos, Antipaxos, Syvota ev. isole Diapontie
04 Maggio, Corfù 11 Maggio, Corfù al completo Corfù, Plataria, Paxos, Antipaxos, Parga, Syvota, Corfù
11 Maggio, Corfù 18 Maggio, Lefkas barca intera 400,00 – 2.200,00 Corfù, Paxos, Antipaxos, eventualmente isole Diapontie, Lefkas, ev. Kalamos e Itaca
18 Maggio, Lefkas 25 Maggio, Zante 2 posti 480,00 – 2.400,00 Lefkas, Itaca, Kalamos, Kastos, Cefalonia, Zante
25 Maggio, Zante 01 Giugno,  Milos 6 posti 480,00 – 2.400,00 Zante, Navarrino (Pilos), Metoni, Koroni, Elafonissos, Kytira o Monenmvasia, Milos
01 Giugno, Milos 11 Giugno, Kos al completo Milos, Kimolos, Folegandros, e o Ios Piccole Cicladi, Amorgos e Astipalea o Santoini, Anafi, Astipalea.  Kos
12 Giugno, Kos 22 Giugno, Kos barca intera 860,00 – 5.000,00 Isole del Dodecaneso
22 Giugno, Kos 29 Giugno, Kos al completo Isole del Dodecaneso
29 Giugno, Kos 06 Luglio, Kos barca intera 690,00 – 3.950,00 Isole del Dodecaneso
06 Luglio, Kos 13 Luglio, Kos barca intera 690,00 – 3.950,00 Isole del Dodecaneso
13 Luglio, Kos 23 Luglio, Atene barca intera 690,00 – 3.950,00 Kos, Leros, Fournoi, Ikaria, Mykonos, Syros, Kithnos, Atene
28 Luglio, Sami 07 Agosto, Zante barca intera 1.150,00 – 7.500,00 Sami, Fiskardo, Itaca, Kastos, Atokos, Formikula, Zante
07 Agosto, Zante 17 Agosto, Sami barca intera 1.150,00 – 7.500,00 Zante, Itaca, Formikula, Kalamos, Kastos, Cefalonia
17 Agosto, Sami 27 Agosto, Sami barca intera 1.150,00 – 7.500,00 Cefalonia, Itaca, Lefkas Kastos, Kalamos, Formikula
28 Agosto, Sami 07 Settembre, Sami barca intera 990,00 – 6.800,00 Cefalonia, Lefkas, Itaca, Kastos, Kalamos, Formikula
07 Settembre, Sami 14 Settembre, Lefkas barca intera 600,00 – 4.200,00 Cefalonia, Itaca, Kastos, Kalamos, Formikula, Lefkas
14 Settembre, Lefkas 14 Ottobre, Lefkas barca intera 600,00 – 3500,00

480,00 – 2.400,00

Crociere settimanali nello Ionio settentrionale (Paxos, Antipaxos, parla, Syvota, Corfù) o meridionale (Itaca, Megamisi, Cefalonia, Kastos, Kalamos), previo accordo

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Summer 2024 Itineraries

Yacht a Vela NeverLand

Summer 2024 Itineraries




In April NeverLand will go back to the sea and will sail around Corfu area, the most lively, cosmopolitan and interesting location during the low-season. Our base will be the picturesque port of Mandraki, in a magnificent spot behind the old fortress and Corfù old town! From here with weekly cruises we will visit the island and its surroundings: the marvelous Paxos Island, with her caves and picturesque villages of Lakka and Gaios, Syvota and Parga on the mainland.

At the end of April we will enter the Gulf of Patras for a great adventure, the bow facing East towards the Aegean, to discover the Cyclades Islands. Before the dreaded Meltemi wind begins to blow hard, once crossed the spectacular Corinth’s Canal we will reach Athens, with its history and its incredible charm. After exploring the islands of the Saronic Gulf, we will sail down the Aegean, from island to island: Kithnos, Milos, Folegandros, Santorini, Ios, the Little Cyclades, Naxos, up to Mykonos and descend to Milos again.

Iattanze the end of June from Milos we will set sails for an adventure circumnavigating the Peloponnese. A very interesting itinerary that will give us the opportunity to stop in Monenvasia, a surprising medieval city in the heart of Greece, the submerged ruins of Elafonisos, Kalamata, the wonderful bay of Pilos, to arrive in Zakynthos at the end of the month. An itinerary for lovers of the sea, sailing, history and Greek culture!


– From the 04th of July, once back in the Ionian Sea we we will start again our cruises sailing between Corfù and Zakinthos Island. The navigation area includes the so-called “inland sea” – sheltered from the strong winds and rough seas – between the mainland and the islands: Lefkada, Meganissi, Skorpio, Kalamos and Kastos, Ithaca and the islets of Atokos and Arcudi and the rocks of Formicula, the beautiful Kephalonia and the lively Zakynthos!


These seas were the theater of Odiesseo’s legendary journey to the beloved Ithaki and were at the center of major historical events, rich commercial traffics and endless disputes over the centuries. Scattered throughout the archipelago, traces of this glorious past will be found, between history and mythology. The itineraries are innumerable and the locations are all beautiful, if you already have a group we can agreed a specific route in advance, while for cabin’s charters it will be set an itinerary between Lefkada and Kefalonia, visiting more islands, coves and villages.

-sailing in the big blue –

Benvenuti a Bordo: Vacanze a Vela in Grecia

Sailing in Gods’ Seas



Benvenuti a Bordo: Vacanze a Vela in Grecia

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