What to bring on board

What to bring on board

What to bring on-board

Reduce to the essential your luggage, at the end of the week you will find out that most of your stuff is still untouched inside the bag!


Vacanze-Vela-Charter-bagagli-no trolley

Do not come at the dock for embarking with a trolley or a rigid case: there is no room for them inside the boat and they cannot be bring aboard… choose instead a foldable bag or a trekking backpack! Trolleys, black soled shoes and princess’ luggages are the nightmare of every skipper  … please leave them at home!


bagagli barca a vela

Indispensable are sunglasses, high protection sunscreen, rock shoes, hat, flip flops, multifunction pareo, a backpack for excursions, a waterproof case for mobile phones (which have a fatal attraction for the sea !!), two or three costumes and some T-shirts.




On board we spend most of the time wearing the swimming suit, shorts, t-shirt and pareo.




1. un paio di pantaloni lunghi, due o tre paia di calzoni corti;
2. alcune t-shirts;
3. una maglia a maniche lunghe, un maglioncino o pile per la sera;
4. una giacca a vento leggera;
5. due o tre costumi da bagno;
6. biancheria intima e calze;
7. un paio di infradito;
8. scarpe da barca con la suola chiara (tipo All-Star o Superga ad esempio);
9. un set di asciugamani;
10. sacco a pelo (necessario fino a inizio giugno e da metà settembre);
11. prodotti per l’igiene personale e shampoo marino.



Cosa lasciare a casa:

It is a difficult moment: more than a pair of long pants, sweaters, shirts and heavy jackets, shoes with heels, hair dryers (there is already one on board), precious and jewels, weapons and drugs.


On board we have several masks with snorkels, a few pairs of fins of various sizes and equipment for fishing and a pair of spare fishing guns. On the other hand, there is no way to embark diving equipment: there are spectacular sites in the area and if you want, you can rely on one of the numerous diving centers. If you have special needs, you can bring your things, agreeing in advance with the Skipper.

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